Addiction Aftercare in Lawrence, MA

Addiction aftercare in Lawrence is designed to provide ongoing therapy, treatment, and support needed for recovering addicts to maintain motivation to stay sober. It's common for many people to assume that a recovering person should be somehow cured once they've graduated from a comprehensive rehab treatment program.

In reality, a person recovering from drug or alcohol addiction in an inpatient rehab facility learns healthy, productive new habits for living a sober lifestyle while still in the treatment center. However, when they leave the safety and shelter of the inpatient rehab center they are suddenly faced with the same triggers and temptations they struggled to overcome before entering treatment.

Addiction aftercare programs are put into place to ensure anyone leaving rehab has access to as many support systems and programs as they need to help them stay clean and sober over the long term.

What Is Aftercare for Addiction Treatment?

Addiction aftercare in Lawrence is focused strongly on ensuring anyone recovering from addiction has access to the tools, resources, and support needed to stay sober. The objective of addiction aftercare programs is to help each recovering person prevent relapse and help them remain focused on recovery.

Before seeking treatment, many people caught in the grip of addiction were accustomed to living their entire lives focused on finding, obtaining, using or recovering from drug use. After leaving rehab, it's important they have access to addiction aftercare programs that allow them to continue the progress made during treatment.

What Types of Programs Are Involved?

There are a number of different programs involved in addiction aftercare in Lawrence. These might include:

Sober living communities: Many people leaving inpatient rehab treatments aren't ready to return to independent living yet, especially if their home environment is strongly associated with substance use. For those people, the availability of sober living communities allows them to leave rehab and live in a sober home that allows them to continue learning new ways for living a sober lifestyle.

Outpatient rehab programs: During inpatient rehab treatments, the recovering person has the benefit of structured treatment plans and schedules to follow. After leaving drug rehabs in Lawrence, stepping down to outpatient rehab programs can provide the ongoing treatment, support and structure needed.

Group support meetings: Ongoing attendance at group support meetings can help maintain motivation and provide support through the recovery process. There are many different group meetings available, including traditional 12-step groups and non 12-step or alternative group programs. Aside from providing peer support, group meetings also help reduce feelings of isolation.

Counseling: Recovering people may find it beneficial to continue with individual counseling sessions that can build on the progress made during initial treatment. If the recovering person has a dual diagnosis or a co-occurring mental health disorder at the same time as an addiction, ongoing counseling and therapy can be valuable for learning to address both conditions in more positive, healthy ways instead of turning to drugs or alcohol to cope.

Alternative therapies: During inpatient rehab treatments, many recovering people may have participated in alternative therapies that provide stress relief, relaxation, and can help improve feelings of self-worth. Addiction aftercare programs may provide access to a range of alternative therapies that can remain helpful during recovery. As an example, some people may find attending exercise programs can help manage cravings, stay fit and healthy, and benefit from the body's natural release of feel-good endorphins. For others, continued participation in creative therapies, such as writing, painting or music can provide opportunities for non-verbal forms of self-expression that also promote positive feelings of achievement.

Study programs and job skills: Many people recovering from addiction may have financial difficulties. They may also struggle to find gainful employment, which can affect their self-esteem. Addiction aftercare in Lawrence can assist with enrollment into study programs and training in job skills, both of which could improve employment prospects.

Not all drug addiction programs in Lawrence available will suit each person's needs. Some people may find certain types of programs more effective for their needs than others. The only real way to tell which ones are likely to benefit your recovery journey is to participate in multiple and then focus on those that provide more positive results.

Who Needs Addiction Aftercare Programs?

Anyone who has graduated from a comprehensive inpatient rehab treatment program can benefit from addiction aftercare programs. Treatment doesn't end just because a person leaves rehab, just as the recovery is an ongoing process.

Remaining engaged with a program for addiction aftercare in Lawrence can help provide the motivation and coping mechanisms needed to prevent relapse and remain sober. Call Lawrence Alcohol Rehab Centers now for help (978) 612-5247.

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